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...keeps badge in view

Secure, durable
heavy duty spring
and retractable cord

Reinforced vinyl
badge strap with
security snap

Easy to attach:
  • BR-2 Locking Bar Pin
  • BR-3 Slide Type Belt Clip
  • BR-4 Slide Type Belt Clip
  • Photo ID Cards
  • Access Control Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Bar Code Cards
  • Keys
  • Small Tools

These reels are ideal for card readers and proximity card applications!

Each Quantity
BR-3 badge reel - black $1.00
1-1/4" diameter plastic retractable clip on badge reel
features a 23' cord, slide type belt clip, and a reinforced vinyl badge strap
item # 2120-3101

BR-3 badge reel -blue $1.00
Item # 2120-3102

BR-3 badge reel - white $1.00
Item # 2120-3108

BR-3 badge reel - gray $1.00
Item # 2120-3111

BR-4 badge reel -black and silver combo $3.75
1-1/2" diameter, heavy duty steel retractable clip on badge reel.
features a 22" cord, slide type belt clip, and a reinforced vinyl badge strap.
black and silver (chrome plated) combination finish
item # 2120-3300


Customize your reels!

Reel faces can be customized with your design or Company Logo. call us for details and pricing info.

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