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ID's That Control Themselves—AUTOMATICALLY...

Eliminates the most common failure in security enforcement- The Human Factor.

TEMPbadge Security/Identification Control Products

TIMEbadges expire in
2 Hours
One-Week, or One-Month by
red and revealing the word ‘EXPIRED’. When the self-adhesive FrontPart is placed over the BackPart, the expiration process begins and cannot be reversed.

The invention of Time Indicating Paper™ has proved to be a powerful tool for security control. Paper and plastic ID's automatically change color to self-expire after specific time intervals, preventing continued use.

  • Tamperproof,
  • No hardware or electronics required.
  • Badges in strips can be used with the TEMPlogŪ One-Write System
  • Custom printed (2,500 minimum) or stock

Self Expiring...

• Time Badges

• Passes

• Permits

• Tickets

• Control Cards

Self Voiding Plastic ID Badges

Temp-Log One-Write Sign-In System

Single Sign-In Badge Forms

Self Destructing Light Sensitive Badges

Self-Expiring Permits For Vehicles

Permits For Vehicle Control (Non-expiring)

Security Seals and Tapes

• Stock and custom printed self-adhesive seals

• High security label materials available.

• Special tamper indicating printing

• Low cost POS stickers

TEMPbadge ™ Temtec, Inc.

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